Serbian Cardionephrology Association

Topics for free communication- KARNEF 2023

Topics for free communication of the Sixth International Congress of Cardionephrology KARNEF- 2023

29.-30. May 2023 Pirot Serbia


1.    Etiopathogenetic mechanisms and risk factors in associated heart and kidney diseases

2.    Inflammation, atherosclerosis and cardiorenal diseases

3.    Etiopathogenetic aspects of pulmonary-cardio-renal interactions

4.    Diabetes, lipid disorders and obesity - risk factors or predictors of associated heart and kidney diseases

5.    Diseases of the heart and kidneys

6.    Kidney diseases, dialysis, transplantation and heart

7.    The role of arterial hypertension in the development and progression of cardiorenal damage

8.    Modern diagnostic and differential diagnostic approaches in cardiorenal medicine

9.    Prevention and treatment of combined heart and kidney diseases today

10.  Cardio-nephrology in everyday clinical practice - case report

11.  Experimental cardionephrology


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