Serbian Cardionephrology Association

The main topics of the congress- KARNEF 2023

 Main topics of the Sixth International Congress of Cardionephrology KARNEF- 2023

29.-30. May 2023 Pirot Serbia


1.    Present and future of cardionephrology- challenges and dilemmas

2.    Novelties in the understanding of etiopathogenetic mechanisms and risk factors in cardiorenal interaction

3.    Inflammation, atherosclerosis and cardiorenal diseases- from functional and structural changes to therapy

4.    Primary heart diseases and kidney

5.    Diabetes mellitus, lipid disorders and obesity- risk factors or predictors of associated heart and kidney damage

6.    Kidney diseases, dialysis, transplantation and heart

7.    Pulmo-cardiorenal damage- how far are we today from a real solution to the problem?

8.    Hematological complications in patients with heart and kidney diseases- mechanism and treatment

9.    Modern diagnostic and differential diagnostic approaches in cardiorenal medicine

10.  Prevention and treatment of associated heart and kidney diseases, today

11.  Current therapeutic treatment in the light of continuous cooperation between cardiologists and nephrologists

12.  SLGT2 inhibitors in the prevention and treatment of cardiorenal damage- from myth to reality

13.  Experimental cardionephrology




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