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Pirot- the host city of the congress

The town of Pirot is located in the southeastern part of Serbia and is the administrative center of the Pirot District. It is located at the gateway between East and West, as it opens onto an important international transversal road - Corridor 10, which connects Europe with Asia. This transversal road was known even in Roman times under the name "Via militaris".

What sets it apart and makes it special is its rich tradition, stormy and long history, cultural and natural resources, customs and wonderful people, who above all are hospitable and true hosts. Today, Pirot is a city that successfully combines traditional and modern and recognizable, not only for its cultural-historical and touristic potential, but also as an important economic center of this region.


It is located between three mountains: Suva Planina, Sukovo Planina, and the widely known Stara Planina. Stara planina is the largest and most beautiful mountain in Eastern Serbia with the highest peak, Midžor (2169m). It has large expanses with pastures, forests and watercourses. Stara Planina Nature Park is the largest protected natural asset in Serbia, with over 300 km of marked and marked trails for hiking, walking, mountain running, mountain biking, and soon there will be trails for horseback riding, as well as other facilities.


Stara planina can be reached from the territory of Pirot from three directions:

The first is the direction "Pirot-Zavojsko lake-stone village of Gostuša". Lake Zavojsko is located in the heart of Stara planina, it has excellent mountain water quality, is rich in fish and is an ideal place for one-day and multi-day excursions. The stone village of Gostuša is a wonderful setting of the cultural and historical complex.


The second direction is "Pirot-Temska-Topli do". The river Temštica flows through the village of Temska, formed by the confluence of the Toplodolska river and the Visočica river from the Zavojsko lake and forms one of the most beautiful canyons in Serbia on red sandstone, the so-called Temštica river canyon or "little Colorado". The mountain village of Topli do, one of the most beautiful villages in Serbia, is known as an oasis of ancient mountain waterfalls such as the Pilj, Kurtulski and Čungulski waterfalls.


The third direction is "Pirot-Rsovci-Vrelo-Dojkinci-Slavinja". It is the most visited route on Stara planina with plenty of tourist sites and opportunities to stay in the countryside. On this road is the village of Dojkinci (900m above sea level), where the mountain lodge Dojkinci is located.

In addition to Stara Planina, on the territory of Pirot there is also the Special Nature Reserve "Jerma", which should be visited because of its interesting sites and facilities. It starts from the village of Sukova, Sukova Monastery, Sukova Lake, and extends all the way to the Poganovo Monastery.


When you come to Pirot, you can learn a lot about Pirot speech, Pirot carpet making, historical and cultural monuments. An unmissable place is the Museum of Ponišavlja, which is housed in an object of folk architecture, the house of small Rista, with constant and changing displays of the culture and customs of this region and way of life. But the history of Pirot can only be seen in its entirety when you visit the Serbian medieval fortress Momčilov built unique spiritual sanctuaries such as the Monastery of St. George from the 14th century in Temska, Monastery of St. John the Baptist or the Pagan Monastery from the 14th century, the Monastery of the Holy Virgin or Sukovo Monastery (19th century) and the cave church of St. Peter and Paul in the village of Rsovci with a unique fresco of "Bald Jesus" and many other holy places that make Pirot proudly bear the name "Little Jerusalem".


The local gastronomy of Pirot and its rich surroundings is the result of centuries-old tradition and natural surroundings. It makes famous Pirot brands such as the famous Pirot cheese, Pirot iron sausage, Staroplanin lamb, Staroplanin table, Pirot grill, Staroplanin honey and brandy and is one of the special experiences that should not be missed.




Number of inhabitants of the town of Pirot: 38,758;

Number of inhabitants of Pirot and surrounding villages: 57,928

Area of the city of Pirot: 1,232 km2;

Altitude of the city of Pirot: 367 meters above sea level

Official language: Serbian

City Day of Pirot: December 28;

Glory of the city of Pirot: Our Lady, August 28

Travel directions:

Belgrade-Pirot: 305 km

Nis-Pirot: 70 km

Pirot-Gradina (border with Bulgaria): 30 km


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