Udruženje za kardionefrologiju Srbije

Ribarska Banja, the venue for the Fourth Congress of Cardionephrology and Hypertension - Karnef 2019

 About the Banja:

Ribarska Banja got its name by fishermen who fished on these sources a trout of exceptional quality for the needs of the court of Prince Lazar.

Ribarska Banja is located on the slopes of Veliki Jastrebac, 35 km from Krusevac, 72 km from Nis and 220 km from Belgrade. It is known as an oasis of pure crab air, healthy food and healing thermal springs.

The fertility of fishery sources has been known to people since prehistoric times, as witnessed by archaeological sites in the vicinity of Banja. Zagrlatu Župu, near the Ribarska Banja, got Stefan Nemanja for his adult life, while Princess  Milica and her court lady kept beauty at the sources at Ribarska Banja. Neither the Turks were indifferent to the healing nature of this water, so they built a Hammam bath on the springs to maintain their health.

After the liberation, in 1834, Knjaz Miloš ordered to study the waters of Ribarska Banja at the Medical Faculty in Vienna. That year was taken as the year of the beginning of science-based work. Since then, all the crowned heads of Serbia have visited and stayed at Ribarska Banja. In particular, King Petar I Karađorđević loved him, who often stayed here, he healed the rheumatism and worked for state affairs. He signed the Declaration on Return of Kosovo and Metohija to the Kingdom of Serbia in Ribarska Banja on 25. 08.1913. It was he who initiated the rapid development and construction of the Fisherman's Spa, which does not cease to this day. And because of the complete offer and experience, as well as numerous awards and recognitions, Ribarska Banja is called the Royal Spa.

The medicinal waters of the Ribarska Spa are treated with healing waters in the French Pyrenees and are among the best in the world. In Ribarska Banja, healing water helps in the treatment of orthopedic, bone and joint and degenerative diseases, but also to improve the overall state of the organism through a spa program, in order to achieve an optimal way of life and preserve health.

Special Hospital Ribarska Banja, RH Center Ribarska Banja, as the leader of health tourism, puts emphasis on prevention, which is the best medicine, and offers its guests, in addition to medical and spa programs, numerous accompanying contents for a complete experience, which most quickly leads to optimal state of the organism. This institution is a teaching science base of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade since 2009, which is a true proof that this is a top representative institution.






Udruženje za kardionefrologiju Srbije, kao prudruženi član Svetskog Udruženja nefrologa zvanični je nosilac aktivnosti vezanih za obeležavanje Svetskog dana bubrega, 9. mart 2017. god



About ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2017

For the first time, an international nephrology congress focuses on diabetes and kidney disease, a worldwide problem, but one very important to Latin America and Mexico in particular. Join the ISN World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) in Mexico City from April 21 to 25, 2017.

Uniquely placed as a truly global meeting, WCN gives access to international medical expertise in renal treatment, research and care, from bench to bedside. You will get a genuinely enriching and professional exchange of knowledge with world-renowned nephrologists, and endocrinologists at this meeting.

Maintaining sustainable kidney health on a global scale through education and training is our mission for each congress. WCN 2017 is your chance to connect with the nephrology community in a compact setting, and take advantage of this great opportunity to interact with colleagues as well as explore and understand the critical importance of diabetic kidney disease.

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